Gina Rodriguez dating Ben Schwartz
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Gina Rodriguez dating Ben Schwartz

Gina Rodriguez

Gina Rodriguez is no longer single after reportedly embarking on a romance with fellow actor Ben Schwartz.

The Jane the Virgin star split from her last boyfriend, Revenge actor Henri Esteve, in September (15) after more than a year of dating, and she has since moved on with 34-year-old Ben, who is known for his roles on Parks and Recreation and House of Lies.

“She’s so happy,” a source tells “She thinks he is so great and all her friends love him.”

Gina, 31, has yet to comment on the dating rumors, but she recently revealed she is keen to adopt and become a mother after working with twin boys on her hit show.

“They bring the baby up to me and my ovaries are like, ‘Ahhh, come here baby,'” Gina laughed to U.S. talk show host Ellen DeGeneres earlier this month (Jan16). “I want one so bad, I do. But I don’t want the whole process, I just want one to arrive. Like the stork conversation.”

After Ellen suggested adoption, Gina replied, “Yeah, I just might do that. I definitely want to adopt.”

Jane the Virgin has been a runaway success, and returns to screens on 25 January (16). Talking about the show, Gina revealed the question she always gets in real life is: “Are you a virgin? And I’m like, ‘I’m 31’. That’s it.”

However her younger screen alter ego still very much is a virgin, despite the baby.

“Because she wants to wait until she gets married, it’s very important to her,” Gina explained. “But the next few episodes we’re definitely going to talk about how difficult that is. How difficult that concept is in her head, how she hasn’t been able to take that step.”

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