Girl with three breasts is a fake!
Bradley Traynor

Girl with three breasts is a fake!

Did you hear the one about the lady with three breasts?

“Jasmine Tridevil” (whose real name is probably Alisha Jasmine Hessler) exploded the Internet this week after news of her alleged third breast went viral. According to the original story, Jasmine paid the handsome sum of $20,000 to an undisclosed plastic surgeon to have an additional (third) breast added to her existing pair. 

She claimed she did it to make herself unattractive to men. Oh, yeah, and wanted a reality show on MTV about her three-boobed life.

Well, the old adage that a story too good to be true probably is held firm Tuesday when the fine folks at TMZ, Snopes, among others, pointed out a number of glaring inconsistencies in “Tridevil’s” story. 

Among other things, she likely copped to owning a “three breast prosthesis” in a stolen luggage claim earlier this month. 

I knew those three boobs were too good to be true… 

Although she may no longer be headed for a reality show, Alisha or Jasmine or whatever her name is might have a future career as a job placement counselor. 

As evidenced by the video below which appears on her YouTube page, titled “How to get a job!”



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