There were some glaring “SNL 40” omissions
Colleen Lindstrom

There were some glaring “SNL 40” omissions


While you were watching the 40th anniversary broadcast of the Saturday night mainstay “Saturday Night Live” you may have found yourself wondering, “where’s so and so?” Or “how did they leave out so and so.” Here are some of the so and sos I noticed:

Dennis Miller  – When four of the male hosts of SNL’s Weekend Update were standing together (Kevn Nealon, Norm McDonald, Seth Myers, and Colin Quinn), you may have noticed that Dennis Miller, who anchored Weekend Update for six seasons (more than Kevin Nealon) was absent. What we know about Dennis Miller is that he became a conservative mouthpiece after leaving SNL. Perhaps the two want some distance from each other given SNL’s tendency to lean left according to many opinions.

Victoria Jackson – see above.

Tri Delts – Why did they miss this sketch? And further, where were all the players from this popular feature? And what were their names, even?

Pat – and Julia Sweeney – It felt like time for androgyny. Where was Pat? Apparently Julia Sweeney was present and accounted for in the audience, but not featured in a notable way at all. What a bummer.

Cheri Oteri – OMG! Where was Cheri Oteri?

Eddie Murphy’s humor – After a huge set up introducing Eddie Murphy, who hasn’t appeared on SNL since he left the show, Eddie took the stage, said a couple of nice words, and then… buh-bye. Awkward. Not one joke. Not one hilarious voice. Not one confirmation of why he was so important to the show in the first place.

And the one thing they should have left out to make room for all of these omissions, and more:

The Kanye West performance.

What were you missing?




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