GLOW on Netflix Packs A Punch
Dawn McClain

GLOW on Netflix Packs A Punch

Have you checked out GLOW on Netflix (Gorgeous Women of Wrestling)?  It’s from some of the writers and creator of Orange Is The New Black.  Based on true events, the show chronicles the development of women’s wrestling.  You’ve got all the female camaraderie of OITNB and hilarious 80’s sexism rolled into one show.  We’ve come very far since 1985!

The show starts off with a not-so squeaky clean protagonist, Ruth (think Piper Chapman).  Ruth, played by Allison Brie, makes a big mistake involving her best friend’s husband.  However,  this mistake leads the struggling actress into her new fame: a female wrestling villian.

It’s easy watching with an endless amount of funny female wrestling characters.  These women develop their own story lines in the ring, and it really taps into stereotypes that still make their way into wrestling today.  If you want a new show to binge, there are only 10 episodes, and you will breeze through them!

Here’s an inside look into the show! I give it a solid B.




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