Go see the Dayton’s Monkey Mummy!
Bradley Traynor

Go see the Dayton’s Monkey Mummy!

Now’s your chance to see the much-ballyhooed Dayton’s Monkey Mummy!

The mildly creepy mummified remains of a monkey found recently in the duct work of the old Dayton’s building during renovation is now on display at the Science Museum. The little guy is believed to be a pet squirrel monkey (on sale at Dayton’s) that somehow escaped and ended up meeting an untimely end.

Dayton’s Monkey Mummy is on loan to the museum until the first week of September.

It’s not everyday we get to see a mummy up close and personal; especially one as famous as this little guy.

The Dayton's Monkey from Science Museum of Minnesota on Vimeo.



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