Gonzo + Digital Underground = your smile for today
Colleen Lindstrom

Gonzo + Digital Underground = your smile for today

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if Gonzo performed “The Humpty Dance?” You haven’t? Well, that’s not a problem because luckily someone else wondered, and then put the work in to splice together this fantastic video of Gonzo doing Digital Underground’s “The Humpy Dance.”

I clearly remember falling in love with this song and playing it for my mom in the car, to her horror. She could not believe that I was listening to this trash. I was so confused. It was just a song about a guy doing a silly dance.

As I was watching one of my favorite Muppets lip sync to the song, I suddenly realized how absolutely filthy this song is. My 12 year-old self cringed, my 37 year-old self laughed out loud.

So, enjoy this delightful filthy treat!



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