The Good Fight Premieres On CBS All Access Streaming
Dawn McClain

The Good Fight Premieres On CBS All Access Streaming

I know, I know.  You don’t really want to spend another 6 dollars for streaming one show on CBS All Access.  However, the spin off of The Good Wife is worth every penny.  Last night, we see the rough road that Diane (Christine Baranski) begins as she loses her investments and retirement money in a ponzee scheme.  Having just retired, the timing couldn’t be worse.  Her relationship with her husband has crumbled, and she is urged to divorce him once and for all so that his accounts will not be seized.

Rose Leslie joins the show as Maia, the daughter of the investor who allegedly lost the Elite of Chicago’s fortune with his illegal activities.  A new character to the franchise, she is every bit of a fit! In the first episode, we see her lesbian relationship exposed to the world because of her father’s indiscretions; her career is ruined and she is left out in the cold.  She shows vulnerability in the first show that gives great opportunity for character growth.

Diane Lockhart is starting from zero, but we know by the end of ten episodes, she will come out on top.  Here is Christine Baranski talking with CBS This Morning about reprising her role.



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