Goodbye, Zac.
Bradley Traynor

Goodbye, Zac.

We tried. We really, really tried.

Thirty-one days after we began Zactober (our month-long celebration of our favorite Hollywood hunk, Zac Efron), we’re right back where we started.

Sans Zac.

We tried to get him to call. We did everything in our power. Shamelessly tweeting him. Posting fun facts about him every day. Colleen even emailed his dad.

All for squat.

We hoped, we prayed, we begged relentlessly on the air. For hours.

Today, we decided enough was enough.

So we said good-bye. Good-bye, Zac.

It’s not you, it’s us. Actually, it is you. Because you didn’t call.

Call us. I mean, never mind. We tried. Failed.

But tomorrow we move on.

It’s November. There are other hunks to find.



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