Got puppy photos? Send them to Anthony!
Colleen Lindstrom

Got puppy photos? Send them to Anthony!

Perhaps you’ve seen it in your Facebook feed, people posting pics of their pooches on a page called Photo Doggies for Anthony. Perhaps you’ve wondered who Anthony is and why he wants to see pictures of your puppies.

Anthony Lyons is a 16 year-old boy with acute lymphoblastic leukemia who has been receiving chemotherapy at Phoenix Children’s Hospital. Anthony’s best days are the days when the therapy dogs can visit him. Unfortunately, due to his treatments, they cannot visit everyday. So, Anthony’s family decided to put together a Facebook event for virtual visits of therapy dogs.

This Facebook event quickly went viral, with thousands of people posting pictures of their puppies and messages of health, healing, and love for 16 year-old Anthony.

So, today, while you’re enjoying your pooch, take a second to share him or her with Anthony. It would make his day.


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