Grey’s Anatomy blew up my heart – CONTAINS SPOILERS
Colleen Lindstrom

Grey’s Anatomy blew up my heart – CONTAINS SPOILERS

I hadn’t intended to end my night in a puddle of inconsolable tears last night. My husband tried to cheer me up with an episode of “New Girl,” but I couldn’t even. I just needed to get in bed and sob after taking in that episode of “Grey’s Anatomy.”


Derek is dead. McDreamy is McDead. WTF?

It was a cruel episode. We spent the whole episode watching Derek Shepherd save lives on a remote Seattle road. An entire 45 minutes of harrowing life saving, only to have him end up squashed by a Mack truck, and then tossed around by some sub par not Seattle Grace trained surgeons.

It was devastating. And I don’t think I can recover.

But in the aftermath, I have to give props where props are due. The entire cast and crew of “Grey’s Anatomy” did a fantastic job of keeping the secret. There were certainly rumors that Patrick Dempsey would not be returning to the show, but they kept them under wraps and never confirmed.

At the conclusion of the show Thursday night, the news hit the web pretty hard, and fans were furiously reading to find out what lead Patrick Dempsey to leave the show and the role that really propelled him to superstardom.

So, fine, Shonda Rhimes, though you tore my heart out last night, you did so expertly. So, I will tune in next week to the excrutiating two-hour goodbye Derek episode, but this time I will be armed with a whole box of kleenex. Next time you are going to rip my heart out like this, though, could you at least write me a get out of work excuse note and arrange for some bereavement leave? Thanks.






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