Our Guilty Pleasure Shows
Dawn McClain

Our Guilty Pleasure Shows

First, lets start with Jason’s: MY 600 lb life.  This show is on TLC and chronicles the weight loss struggles of people weighing around 600 lbs.  We probably all have had weight struggles.  This can be an emotional and deep show, but it’s Jason’s guilty pleasure show!


Alexis loves CATFISH on MTV! Do you or a friend have an online only relationship?  Do you want to find out if they are A: Real, B: The correct sex C: In another relationship.  This is a juicy show that.



Dawn’s guilty pleasure is Alaskan Bush People.  The Brown Family has lived with their 7 kids in the wilderness of Alaska for over 30 years.  They are each very unique, and find ways to live without the modern world.  There are tons of rumors that say this family is “fake”.  Most reality shows have producers who set up scenarios.  I don’t even care, it’s still interesting to see this family survive.





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