That guy was not #EatenAlive on the Discovery Channel
Colleen Lindstrom

That guy was not #EatenAlive on the Discovery Channel

APTOPIX Anaconda Weighing

Spoiler alert.

So, here’s the premise, Paul Rosolie will don a crush proof “snake suit” that looks like some sort of futuristic Star Wars costume and go in search of an anaconda in the wild who will eat him. Alive. (Because clearly an anaconda will find this un-natural robot looking thing deliciously enticing.)

Discovery Channel heard that, and was like, “GREEN LIGHT!”

Bad choice.

An hour and a half into the 2-hour live event, Paul Rosolie was having difficulty capturing the anaconda and they had to call in an understudy they had on hand.

Then, the second string anaconda got his mouth around Rosolie’s head, and started to hug Rosolie’s arm, and it proved too much for his crush proof suit so he bailed. He was not #EatenAlive.


He’d have had more luck trying to be eaten alive by Nicki Minaj singing “Anaconda.”

Typically I’d have fallen directly into this TV trap. Admittedly I’d have been watching and waiting for disaster to strike. But, truthfully, I’d completely forgotten it was on in the first place, and for that I’m thankful.

The anti-climactic special is reminiscent of Geraldo opening the vault of Al Capone.

“Hey, thanks for hanging out with us for a few hours, sorry nothing cool happened.”

Did you watch it? Were you disappointed?




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