This guy paid $100K to look like Kim Kardashian
Bradley Traynor

This guy paid $100K to look like Kim Kardashian

Kind of.

Have you heard the story of Jordan James Parke? The 23-year-old makeup artist from England has spent ridiculous amounts of money altering his face to look like a cartoonish copy of Kim Kardashian.

Fillers, injections, Botox, even eyebrow tattoos have helped Parke create his signature look… which he now says is not supposed to make him look like the queen of the booty people.

Parke told Today, “I look nothing like her. I don’t want to look like Kim; if I looked exactly like Kim I’d demand a refund.”

I’m not sure who he’s trying to look like, but he should probably still demand a refund.

He went on in the interview to admire Kim’s looks at length, suggesting he’d like to have her signature butt some day.

Let’s hope his bank account runs dry sooner rather than later.



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