Gwyneth Paltrow eyeing wellness TV show
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Gwyneth Paltrow eyeing wellness TV show

Actress-turned-lifestyle guru Gwyneth Paltrow has set her sights on conquering TV with plans to launch her own wellness show.

The Iron Man star’s Goop lifestyle firm has become a huge success since its humble beginnings as an email newsletter back in 2008. It subsequently expanded into e-commerce, and Gwyneth opened her first Goop Lab boutique store in Los Angeles last week (15Sep17).

Now the entrepreneur is eager to make the transition to TV with a program she’s calling The Radical Wellness Show.

“I would be going into the field and talking to any number of doctors, scientists, civilians, people in crisis in Flint, Michigan, where there is something to uncover and confront about wellness,” Paltrow tells The Hollywood Reporter.

Likening the proposed project to investigative media outlet Vice, she adds, “We would want it to feel more Vice-y in its vibe, but we’re just in the brainstorming phase.”

However, the busy mother-of-two has no desire to establish a Goop TV network, because it would be more work than the 44-year-old can handle.

“Dude, then I’ll be hospitalized!” she jokes about the idea.

Gwyneth is also seeking to expand Goop’s market beyond North America in the next year, but having her name attached to the brand hasn’t made it easy for her in the business world.

“It makes it much more difficult,” she says. “For the business I’m creating, it’s an obstacle I always have to overcome. For example, Reese (Witherspoon), who is a dear friend, has this quickly growing Draper James (lifestyle) business, and she leverages her celebrity in a great way for her brand. But for this model – where I’m trying to make Goop bigger than me and its own brand – you become inextricably linked. I’m a target in a way most entrepreneurs are not.”

Gwyneth has taken a step back from acting to focus on Goop’s growth in recent years, but she recently returned to the Avengers franchise to reprise her role as Pepper Potts for a forthcoming sequel, and juggling the two careers was a struggle.

“I went to Atlanta to do Avengers 4, so I’m in and out for that, and it’s weird to go back and forth,” she explains. “We’re (Goop is) growing fast, and balls are dropping all the time.”

But stepping back on a movie set did make Gwyneth wonder why she would ever want to quit Hollywood to work full-time as an entrepreneur: “I was on set and thought, ‘You sit here for two hours sipping tea, (co-stars) Robert Downey, Jr. and Don Cheadle are making me laugh hysterically – why the hell did I give this up?’,” she shares.

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