I hated ‘The Bachelorette’ Finale, and here is why…
Dawn McClain

I hated ‘The Bachelorette’ Finale, and here is why…

Worst. Finale. Ever.

If you didn’t hear my reaction on the Jason and Alexis Show this morning, you will hear it here.  If you did hear it, and you’re tired of hearing me moan…I apologize! Click away!

Why can’t this franchise after 20 Bachelors and 13 Bachelorettes settle on a format?  I understand keeping the series fresh and new, but this was a terrible idea for the show’s finale.

My main concerns:

#1 THREE FULL HOURS is too long of a time to demand even from your most loyal audience. We have jobs, families and a life.

#2 The live reaction cut in’s from Rachel were too much of a spoiler as what was to come.  We want to watch this “journey” unfold like a love story.  We don’t want to pre-guess the outcome.  No matter how careful their pointless chatter was about, “how she felt in that moment”, occasionally she did slip up and refer to Peter in past tense.  This ruins the ending for us.  Remember, we have invested many of hours of our life thus far to your series. Don’t ruin it for fans.

#3. No rose ceremony with both guys at the end; revealing that she absolutely let Peter go the night before.  Why would you do this at 9:10pm, with 50 minutes left in the show?  Peter made it clear in the stupid live show that he tried to contact her and talk it out again in the morning.  Couldn’t you have at least given us that footage, and worked up to the rose ceremony, letting us process it then?

#4 Poor editing of story-lines throughout the season.  Why do they built up the romance with the loser, knowing that the audience is invested in him only to be disappointed in the end? They control the story and what footage they air.

#5.  The live show with Peter having to be onstage with her for WAAAAAY too long.  You screwed up on this one, big time, guys.  This is my biggest complaint.  That was excruciatingly painful to watch.  He looked like he hadn’t slept for months.  Still heartbroken, Peter had to relive it all while the audience just feel bad for him.  Chris Harrison had to fill so much time, probably knowing that he has only 19 minutes of footage from the actual event that happened 3 months ago.  We get it.  He feels bad and she obviously is very bitter and doesn’t care.  Brutal and cruel, guys.

The Bachelorette / Bachelor franchise needs to get their act together.  The reactions on Twitter were mostly negative.  Stick to a formula, or you will continue to alienate fans.

I can’t wait for Bachelor in Paradise, though.  This one is going to be good.

Here is a less than 2 minute recap of the emotional roller coaster from E News.  In case you didn’t watch this season.  I just re-watched this, and I’m pretty upset that she is almost gleefully giving him advice.  It seems out of spite, and it is just mean.  Gross! Because of this finale, I am not a Rachel fan anymore.




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