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Hayley Atwell was frustrated by cameo in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

New York premiere of 'Mission: Impossible - Dead Reckoning Part One'
Hayley Atwell

Hayley Atwell has called her cameo in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness a “frustrating moment”.

The British actress made her debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) as Peggy Carter in 2011’s Captain America: The First Avenger and reprised the role for many projects, including the TV series Agent Carter and animated series What If…?

In an interview on the Happy Sad Confused podcast, Atwell admitted that she found What If…? much more satisfying than Doctor Strange 2 because she was given more to do as Captain Carter, an alternate version of Peggy.

“I felt like I had much more to do in the What If…? animation series,” Atwell said. “I mean, any actor will tell you, to be able to go into a booth in effectively your pyjamas and do an animation is great fun because you’re focused on the voice as the instrument and your main performative tool. I love that in that they were able to give her more to do as Captain Carter/Captain Britain so it felt like a frustrating moment in Strange… She had less to do than what she did before, before she had the shield.”

In the 2022 movie, Captain Carter gets killed off by Elizabeth Olsen’s Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch shortly after her introduction.

“I’m like, ‘That wasn’t my choice!'” she insisted. “When she was like, ‘I could do this all day’ and then followed by she’s immediately cut in half by a frisbee. And the audience being like, ‘She can’t do it all day. Apparently you can’t, so, egg on your face.’ That doesn’t really serve Peggy very well.”

On the other hand, Atwell noted that she enjoyed being able to do all the stunt work herself for the cameo, which she filmed during a break in production for Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One, which is in cinemas now.

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