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Heather McDonald hospitalized after collapsing during stand-up show

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Heather Mcdonald

Heather McDonald was hospitalized after collapsing onstage during a comedy show on Saturday night.

According to editors at TMZ, the Juicy Scoop podcast host passed out after delivering her second joke while performing for the crowd at a venue in Tempe, Arizona.

Following the news, Heather took to her Instagram Stories from a hospital bed on Sunday.

“I’m in the emergency room. I look weird. I’m so, so, so, so sorry,” she began. “I passed out on stage. I got up, I did one joke and I felt so dizzy.”

Heather went on to gesture towards her eye, which appeared bruised.

“You can see my eye, I fell on my eye. I cannot believe this happened. I feel so terrible that they had to tell everyone to leave and then cancel the second show,” the 51-year-old continued. “Tempe, I will be back. I’ve never, ever fainted in my life.”

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