Heavy (McDonald’s) Metal parody video is hilarz!
Bradley Traynor

Heavy (McDonald’s) Metal parody video is hilarz!

Nothing goes better with McDonald’s than heavy metal, right?

Wait, what?

If you haven’t heard of Mac Sabbath, the delightfully disturbing McDonald’s-inspired metal band with such songs as “Frying Pan” and “Pair-a-buns,” then you’re missing out.

Until now, of course, because I’ve got the video for you.

The crazy golden-arched head bangers are dressed as whacked out versions of your favorite fast food icons. In addition to the sadistic looking Ronald wannabe lead singer, there’s a Hamburglar who looks like he’s done time in prison and a Grimace who might have problem sniffing glue.

So, without further ado, I present you with MAC SABBATH!



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