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Helen Mirren believes gardening helps make her a better actor

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Helen Mirren

Helen Mirren believes gardening “probably” helps make her a better actor.

The Oscar-winning actress, who is an avid gardener, finds her hobby meditative and believes that it helps her get rid of any insecurities she may be holding onto.

“I think gardening probably helps me be a better actor,” Mirren told DuJour magazine. “It kind of cleans your brain. You can’t have an ego with a garden. The f**king plant just won’t grow where you want it to grow. It’s good for an actor to have the cobwebs and ego and insecurity go away for a little.”

When she isn’t on set, the 78-year-old can often be found pursuing her love of gardening at her home in the U.K. or in Lake Tahoe, where she lives with her husband Taylor Hackford. She gardens whenever she finds the opportunity as it helps her use up her extra energy.

“It’s meditative,” The Queen star shared. “It’s a huge body of knowledge which I don’t have and I’m always trying to add to. The beauty of nature is so fantastic. It’s wonderful to watch something grow that you’ve taken a cutting of.”

Explaining how she and Hackford tackle their garden, she added, “My husband is a tree person, and I’m bushes and flowers. It’s a classic division of labor. It’s amazing to see trees we’ve planted.”

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