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Hilaria Baldwin confesses she’s sometimes Alec Baldwin’s ‘mommy’

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Hilaria Baldwin

Hilaria Baldwin has reflected on her love of taking care of her family.

“Am I his mommy?” Hilaria pondered of her 65-year-old actor husband in an interview with Romper published on Wednesday. “Sometimes I’m his mommy. Sometimes. At the beginning of our relationship, everyone was like, ‘She must have daddy issues because she’s married to somebody older.’ But it’s actually the opposite.”

The couple have been married since June 2012 and share seven children together: Carmen, 9, Rafael, 7, Leonardo, 6, Romeo, 5, Eduardo, 2, Marilu, 2, and Ilaria, 7 months.

Hilaria admitted that while she loves “giving birth”, her 7-month-old Ilaria will “probably” be her last child with the 30 Rock star.

“This is probably, most definitely, almost completely my last baby,” she mused. “I’m always afraid to say it. I was putting away my maternity clothes recently and was like, ‘I’m afraid to give them away, because then I’ll find out I’m pregnant.'”

Alec has recently been recovering from hip replacement surgery which he underwent last month.

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