Hoda Kotb named new ‘Today’ cohost!
Colleen Lindstrom

Hoda Kotb named new ‘Today’ cohost!

After weeks of speculation, this morning on ‘Today’ it was announced that Hoda Kotb will, in fact take the seat that was left vacant by Matt Lauer after his firing due to sexual misconduct in the workplace.

For weeks the ‘Today Show’ ratings have soared with Kotb at the helm alongside Savannah Guthrie, and though in the traditional host format, they place a man and a woman alongside each other, this woman lead combination has proved to work for the NBC morning newsmagazine.

It remains to be seen at this moment who will take Hoda’s place alongside Kathie Lee Gifford during the Fourth Hour of the show, where the two have been known to start happy hour a little early. However, for the short term, Hoda will continue to fill that role as well.




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