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Holiday from hell helped Paul McCartney romance wife Nancy

Paul McCartney received Order of the Companions of Honour
Sir Paul McCartney

A holiday from hell helped Paul McCartney make his move on current wife Nancy Shevell.

The Beatles legend married American trucking boss Nancy in 2011 – but he admits their courtship was a slow one until they became stuck in a hotel during a rainy Valentine’s Day holiday in Morocco.

“Here’s what happened,” he tells The Times about how they finally decided to get together. “I had fallen in love with my lady, Nancy, but we weren’t an item yet.

“We went on holiday to Morocco, to a quiet little hotel I knew, but we didn’t stay together in the same room. But it rained the whole bl**dy time, and we had paid all this money to come away to this paradise, and we might as well have stayed in Manchester!”

The star went on to reveal that during their rain-ruined stay in North Africa he amused himself by playing a piano in the foyer, using it when the regular restaurant musician wasn’t playing – and wrote a song for Nancy called My Valentine, which he released in 2012.

“The piano was sitting in the foyer all day long, and because the rain would not stop, I sometimes went and just noodled on the keys,” Paul recalls. “It was just like the cupboard I always like to write in. I was just noodling, and although I didn’t know it at the time, I think I was influenced by him, the restaurant pianist, and perhaps even by my dad too, as I was going in a sort of old-fashioned direction with my chords.”

Explaining how the song wooed his now-wife, he adds: “It was Valentine’s Day. I was thinking all sorts of loving thoughts towards Nancy, and while I was at the piano, I could see that the waiters who were clearing up were listening. You can tell when someone’s got half an ear on you, even when they’re pretending just to do their work. But it was nice and romantic, it was a perfect moment, and I thought to myself, we’re not going to stay in separate rooms tonight.”

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