Hollywood’s Hottest Single Men
Dawn McClain

Hollywood’s Hottest Single Men

There are tons of hot celebrity men available, and waiting to date you! Here is the full list from Cheat Sheet!

Idris Elba


Place of Birth: U.K

Famous For:  His good looks, suave debonair style and starring in Thor, The Dark Tower (c0ming soon) and Pacific Rim, just to name a few.  He isn’t into settling down anytime soon; he has been public about his desire to never get married again.

John Hamm

Age: 46

Place of Birth: St. Louis, MO

Famous for:  His role as a bad TV husband with dashing charm and good looks on Mad Men. He knows how to rock the stubble like no one else, and you can see him on Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt as well as Baby Driver, currently in theatres.

Riz Ahmed

Age: 34

Place of Birth: Wimbly, England

Famous For: Rogue One, Four Lions and Jason Bourne.  He studied at Cambridge, and is an advocate for immigrants.  He also made an appearance rapping on Lin Manuel-Miranda’s Hamilton Mix Tape.

Chris Pine

Age: 36

Place: of Birth: Los Angeles, CA

Famous For:  The new Captain Kirk in Star Trek, Hunk of Wonder Woman, and Cinderella’s Prince in the Stephen Sondheim Movie version of Into the Woods.  The guy can sing!  He also is an alumni of U.C. Berkley.

Chris Evans

Age:  36

Place of Birth: Boston, MA

Famous for: Captain America, Snowpiercer, and Gifted coming out Later this year.  He is also the ex boyfriend of funny-girl Jenny Slate, which gives us hope that he likes a normal girl, not just supermodels.

That’s the short list, once again…find the other 10 here!



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