Honey I shrunk my 2009 sweater… again
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Honey I shrunk my 2009 sweater… again

What’s so weird about wearing a sweater with your college graduation year on it????!! ๐Ÿ™‚

I’ve always loved this sweater. In fact, it’s the second one I’ve owned. I shrunk the first one, too! LOL

Upon realizing I had shrunk it again, I was seriously wondering if I was going to have a buy a third. Thankfully, our listeners came to our aid this morning with tips on how to unshrink the sweater.

I will definitely be taking you up on those tips, and I’m going to go ahead and continue to rock this fine vintage piece.

I mean, with Donna wearing things like this:

I think I’m looking pretty darn good? LOL



PS Do I have man hands?


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