Hooters saves the day in Animal Kingdom!
Alexis Thompson

Hooters saves the day in Animal Kingdom!

Hooters…known for…great wings right?!

Yes, but on Sunday, the Hooters in Lakeland, Florida is also known for helping rescue six ducklings trapped in a storm drain in a duck-blur (#dadjokealert)!

The manager at Hooters grabbed a fine-mesh frying basket and gave it the firefighters working at the scene; they were able to scoop up the ducklings safely and they’re back with mama! Duck tales wooooo oooooh!

D-D-D-Danger! Watch behind you.  When I talked about this is Animal Kingdom this morning, April kicked it to break with this:

Love it and bravo Hooters! LOL!

Chinese waitress, beck,  greets guests at  pre-opening  event of Hooters Friday Oct. 22, 2004 in Shanghai, China. Hooters, the Atlanta-based operator and franchiser, will open its first- restaurant in the mainland China on Oct. 24th. (AP Photo/Eugene Hoshiko)

Happy Hump Day!



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