Horrible movie interviewer makes my heart beat out of my chest
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Horrible movie interviewer makes my heart beat out of my chest

Amy Schumer just sat down with two radio interviewers, Matt Tilley and Jane Hall of KIIS 101.1 in Australia, and let’s just say it didn’t go very well.

While Hall came off as professional and complimentary, Tilley asked Schumer if the term “skanky” was used in America, saying that the word aptly describes the main character of “Trainwreck,” one Schumer had previously described to be autobiographical in nature.

Tilley claimed he was not trying to offend, but that he was also “not leaving until we get in the car crash moment.”

Later, Tilley said that something that happened in their office had reminded him of the plot of “Trainwreck,” where “being with a guy eclipses everything else.”

Ok. Let me try and keep my head from exploding.

First of all, calling Schumer, or Schumer’s character in the movie, a skank or a slut or a whore, is sexism at its very core, because it chastises a woman for actions that when done by a man, would be considered  just fine by society’s terms. This type of attitude towards women is exactly what Schumer’s comedy aims to eradicate as a feminist comic, and quite possibly the most visible feminist icon in pop culture at the moment.

Second of all, what car crash moment are you looking for, sir? You say in the interview that the same thing happened with Russell Brand? Did the same thing happen when the interviewer went after Robert Downey Jr.’s sobriety in an interview, too? You’re doing the interview more to get publicity for yourself than to actually talk about the project at hand? Yeah? Ok then. You should be fired.

And third, if you know anything about Schumer’s work, it is to decimate the idea of a woman’s life revolving around a man, and though I haven’t seen “Trainwreck” yet, I would wage my life that that idea has no part in this film.

The gentleman says at the end of the interview that maybe he’s seen the wrong movie.

Frankly, I don’t care what movie he saw. What I do care about is that this man never interviews anyone about the right or the wrong movie, ever again.




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