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How often should you clean your hairbrush?

When: 14 Jul 2021 **only For Use By Wenn Cps**

While not the most exciting of tasks, most of us make a point of regularly cleaning our make-up brushes and sponges.

But next time you are standing at the sink and washing your beauty tools, make a point of removing old hair and thoroughly cleaning your hairbrush too.

Celebrity hairstylist Thomas Tatam recommends cleaning your personal hairbrushes and combs at least every fortnight.

“I would wash the brush every two weeks. If you’re brushing your hair in the shower, I would use a bit of clarifying shampoo or something like that to make sure you are keeping the bristles clean,” he shared. “I would recommend changing your hairbrush every six months or so, purely because you need to make sure the bristles are all on top form, they’re clean, and the brush is doing the job it is meant to be doing.”

Thomas went on to advise people to limit brushing their hair to twice a day in order to curb excessive hair loss.

“I’d recommend brushing your hair once in the morning and once in the evening. Brushing your hair stimulates hair growth. The bristles will almost massage the scalp. A lot of people think oily hair means their hair is greasy, but you need the oil and sebum from the root to allow the hair to grow, it’s what nourishes the hair,” the hair pro insisted.

Additionally, Thomas emphasised the importance of using the correct brush for your hair type and whether you are allowing the strands to air-dry or using a hairdryer.

“You want to get your hair about 80 per cent dry before you start using a volumising round brush, such as WetBrush’s BreakFree Volume & Body Round Brush for any type of blow-dry. When you’ve got your hair 80 per cent dry, obviously hairdryers do get extremely hot, so you don’t want to have soaking wet hair and heat to the hair and literally boil the hair from the inside out. You wouldn’t stick your hair in a kettle, so why would you do that when you’re blow-drying your hair?” he added.

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