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How to set your make-up against hay fever

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So many of us suffer from hay fever, especially in the spring and summer months.

But Laura Kay, make-up expert, trainer and founder of Laura Kay London, is adamant that the side effects of the allergic reaction, such as redness, blotchy skin, and itchy eyes, don’t necessarily mean that you have to change your beauty routine entirely.

Here’s a round-up of great hacks to check out.

Try a mascara primer

Even if you don’t feel like wearing a full face of cosmetics, most beauty fans will still add a swipe of mascara to give the eyes instant life. This is where a primer comes in handy.

“Not only can a primer on your lashes make their appearance seem fuller, more conditioned and last longer, but a good quality primer is also effective in keeping your mascara in place for longer,” explained Laura. “It is the simplest make-up hack if you suffer from hay fever in the summer months because it stops your mascara from smudging and running.”

Avoid foundation

Those suffering from dryness, puffiness, and redness caused by hay fever and pollen should think about switching their foundation for a BB cream.

“Most foundations are heavy and for daily use, I recommend a BB cream which is much more hydrating. It is like a tinted moisturiser which offers light coverage, giving you a natural glow as well as the added skin benefits. Significant benefits of the formulas include antioxidant and anti-redness properties which can both help soothe,” she noted.

Don’t experiment with new products

Cooling, anti-inflammatory products are the best option if you wish to invest in anything new over the summer months. Look out for products that contain vitamin C, vitamin D, Shea butter and natural organic oils in the ingredients.

“If you decide to experiment, you may have a reaction as your skin will be more subject to the elements such as pollen in the atmosphere this time of the year,” the expert advised.

Cover up your red and sore nose to hide your hay fever

Anyone who has hay fever will know how quickly the nose can become red and sore from the constant sneezing. To hide any redness, look to dab on a good quality concealer with a sponge or brush.

“Apply your BB cream or a tinted moisturiser after this for maximum long-lasting coverage. A primer would also be beneficial too. You could also invest in a green-tinged concealer which is great at cancelling out the redness,” she said.

Make sure you wash your make-up tools every week

Over time, make-up on your brushes, sponges and even eyelash curlers can cause a build-up of dirt and bacteria if you don’t clean them at least once a week.

“As pollen can cause an allergic reaction, why give it a helping hand? This also goes for tweezers and any other beauty gadget or tool that comes into contact with your face,” the make-up pro added.

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