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Howard Stern compares Kanye West to Hitler after rapper’s antisemitic comments

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Kanye West

Howard Stern has compared Kanye West to Adolf Hitler following the rapper’s antisemitic outbursts.

On Wednesday’s episode of The Howard Stern Show, the radio presenter spoke on the rapper’s recent tirade against members of the Jewish community.

Kanye has faced backlash after writing on Twitter that he would go “death con 3 on Jewish people”, misreferencing the United States military term DEFCON 3. On Monday, the rapper appeared on Chris Cuomo’s NewsNation show, saying he doesn’t “believe in” the term “antisemitic”.

Reacting to Kanye’s remarks, Howard admitted he wasn’t keen to give Kanye “any energy” but felt it was necessary to condemn his behaviour.

“I’m really tired of people excusing his behaviour by saying, ‘Well, he’s just mentally ill,’” the radio host began. “The s**t that he’s spewing – I’m talking about his latest wacky, antisemitic rant that he seems to feel really free to spout, and a lot of media organisations are giving him attention with it.”

Noting that he doesn’t “have any problem” with the media attention on Kanye’s antisemitic comments because “they’re exposing him”, Howard lamented: “But, boy, what this guy’s into, it’s the same old stuff with the Jews, you know.

“If he’s so mentally ill, why don’t they appoint a conservator over his money like they did with the poor Britney Spears?

“This is so depressing. I mean, Kanye used to be fun crazy. Now he’s like Hitler.”

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