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Hunter McGrady mourning death of younger brother

When: 04 May 2021

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Hunter Mcgrady

Hunter McGrady is mourning the loss of her “absolutely brilliant” brother, Tynan McGrady.

The model, who is pregnant with her first child, took to Instagram on Tuesday to upload a series of images of herself with her younger sibling, and in the accompanying caption, explained that Tynan had died following an accident on 1 May.

“The most gut-wrenching words I’ve ever had to write in my life, one that no one ever wants to. My chest is heavy and I feel like I’ll never breathe again, I don’t know how this pain repairs or if it ever feels like life can live again,” she began. “The most kind, gentle, loving, beautiful, intelligent, funny human being this earth has ever known. If you know me you know I rave about my brother, he is and will always be the love of my life. Everyone around him has always said nothing but beautiful things, his friends’ parents always said, ‘We’re so glad Tynan is in our child’s life, he’s such a good influence.'”

Hunter went on to share that Tynan was just three weeks away from completing a degree in computer engineering at San Francisco State University.

“I’ve never known someone to be so passionate about computer engineering, coding, cars, and gaming. He was knowledgeable about this stuff beyond belief, he would show me his homework and I felt like Einstein was showing me something,” the 27-year-old continued. “There is no telling why these things happen, why accidents happen, why life is taken too short. I’m so grateful for beautiful the 23 years God gave us with him.

“Thank you for making me a big sister. Thank you for your heart. Goodnight my sweet beautiful Bubba, I love you,” she concluded.

Accordingly, many of Hunter’s celebrity friends have sent their condolences to her and the wider McGrady family.

“This is so sad. I’m so sorry for your loss,” wrote Sophie Turner, while Olivia Culpo added: “I’m so so sorry Hunter. Thinking of you and your family.”

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