I Am Cait: Caitlyn not yet ready for swimwear
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I Am Cait: Caitlyn not yet ready for swimwear

Caitlyn Jenner is still too self-conscious to wear a bathing suit in public.

The star used to be known as Bruce and her new TV show I Am Cait follows her transition. Since revealing her new form on the cover of Vanity Fair magazine in June Caitlyn has been an outspoken member of the transgender community, however she still has some insecurities.

The second episode of the program aired in the US last night and Caitlyn was seen opening up about having to show off her body in a swimming costume.

“Are we actually doing bathing suits? That’s like the scariest thing I’ve ever heard,” she told some of her friends.

“I don’t think I’m ready for that. You have to realize these girls transitioned years and years and years ago. I just don’t know if I’m ready to expose myself like that. Maybe down the line, I’ll feel more comfortable with myself. But right now, I just can’t see myself doing it.”

The star spoke about the many “hurdles” she’s had to navigate to be her true self, explaining things won’t happen overnight and time is going to help her a lot.

Another thing she’s incredibly worried about is her voice, with Caitlyn fearful it sounds too masculine.

“One thing that’s always a challenge for everybody is your voice. That can out shoot any time. You look great, you look fabulous, then you open up your voice and everybody goes, ‘Oh my god,'” she explained.

“What I want to do is just slip into society. One thing I need to work on is that voice.”

The star was seen talking to her step-daughter Kim Kardashian about the issue, and she admitted thinking about ordering room service in a more feminine tone before she transitioned. Kim suggested she practice lightening her speech a little, but then giggled when Caitlyn gave it a shot and didn’t sound very different.

“There are things that you can do to change that. Surgery,” Caitlyn added.

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