I am not sure I want to #embracethegrape anymore, you guys
Colleen Lindstrom

I am not sure I want to #embracethegrape anymore, you guys

Every Friday on the Colleen and Bradley show, Bradley and I try something that is off our usually healthy diets. Usually it’s some version of pizza topped with pizza and stuffed with pizza. This week, in light of #grapegate we decided to #embracethegrape and try the Grape Salad that the New York times raved about our raving about. Or rather told us we loved by way of a “Minnesota-born heiress.”

So, after two trips to the grocery store for the proper grapes (my bad, I grabbed the red ones first and was roundly criticized by true grape salad aficionados), and about $5 in out of pocket expenses, I hunkered down in the Lindstrom family kitchen to create this easy, three ingredient recipe.

The recipe from the New York Times calls for 2 lb grapes, 2 cups of sour cream, 1 cup of sugar. You are directed to combine the washed grapes with the sour cream and place in a casserole dish. Then sprinkle the top with brown sugar and place in the broiler far from the heat until the brown sugar caramelizes. Then, chill the concoction and serve with toasted pecans (if desired).

That’s what I did. That’s EXACTLY what I did.

And it looked like this.

grape salad

I know, right? Totally disgusting. Foul. Trust me. I know.

As gross as it looked, it smelled one million times worse.

WTF? People eat this?

But I was trying to be open-minded because those fancy pants people over there in the big city of New York not only told me it was delicious, but they told me I’ve been loving it all my life because it’s my quintessential Thanksgiving dish.


So we tried it.

I want to be very clear. What you see in the above video was my Minnesota nice coming through. That crap cannot be categorized as food. I would only serve that to my worst enemy, and I’d probably even take pity on that person and serve them something slightly better. And don’t tell me I did it wrong, because I followed that dumb recipe to the letter.





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