I had the best time Guest-hosting with this guy on Twin Cities Live!
Donna Valentine

I had the best time Guest-hosting with this guy on Twin Cities Live!

Wow. I had a great experience this past Monday, co-hosting Twin Cities Live on KSTP-Channel 5 with uber-talented,  Steve Patterson.


I arrived an hour before the show and sat in the office where the show is put together. During that time, I got to chat with all the wonderful people who make this show seem so simple and flawless–from the reporters to the producers to the down-to-earth, friendly, and funny Steve Patterson, who has been holding down the fort, on camera, while the lovely Elizabeth Ries spends time with her new baby girl, Bernie.  (She’s back on Friday!)  Steve even gave a locker room pep talk!

Make no mistakes about it:  This is a team effort.  And these people are pros.  Surprisingly, there are no egos; just lovely people who make you feel at home and like your contribution matters.  There’s lots of joking among the tight knit group and lots of joy, which includes ribbing and complaining about the room temperature, just like in any work place.

On the show, I talked about my dog, Max (below)and his anxiety issues  –Sorry for the Doggy Porn, but this is how he sleeps..(Ahem, he’s a GERMAN wirehair, which might explain the arm salute.  Ugh):


All in all, I felt like my personality was accepted and appreciated (when sometimes it can be mistaken for abrasive, instead of playful).  Even the guests were as fantastic and charismatic as the group who puts on the show.  It was so much fun to be a part of such a great operation–even if just for a day.  Thanks to everyone at TCL.  And Welcome Back, Elizabeth!  You were truly missed.

See my first show segment with Steve this past Monday below!




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