I just love Lena Dunham (and her new haircut!)
Marley McMillan

I just love Lena Dunham (and her new haircut!)

I love Lena Dunham and all of our quirks, which were on full display on Seth Meyers last night. The star of “Girls” stopped by to promote both the season finale of her HBO hit show, and also the fact that she will be appearing on “Scandal” tonight.

Most importantly, she “premiered” her new haircut. (Just kidding… but it is cute.)

Lena Dunham

Though I’ve never watched Scandal in my life, I will be watching tonight just to cheer on my girl, and to see the show that she describes to be “dripping in class and diamonds.”

Check out the cute clip of her below, and make sure to tune in long enough to catch a secret she reveals about Kerry Washington:




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