I think you should choose “Beautiful.”  (Watch this!)
Donna Valentine

I think you should choose “Beautiful.” (Watch this!)

Dove always creates great campaigns that empower women.  This is just another example of their mission to embrace all women and make them feel beautiful.

According to a survey by Dove, 96% of women said they wouldn’t use the word “beautiful” to describe themselves.     One bright spot: 80% said that all women have something beautiful about them.

The survey was done as part of Dove’s Choose Beautiful campaign and included 6,400 women between the ages 18 to 64 from five cities around the world: San Francisco, Shanghai, Delhi, London, and São Paolo

Dove also created a video for the campaign where they had women choose whether to walk through a door labeled “beautiful” or one that read “average.” Sadly, many chose the average door.

Remember you ARE beautiful.  Choose accordingly!



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