The Ice Bucket Challenged Worked!
Colleen Lindstrom

The Ice Bucket Challenged Worked!

It seems like it was just yesterday that Facebook was full of your friends and family dumping buckets of ice over their heads. Cold water — all in the name of research and raising funds.

At first it was hard to understand how dumping buckets of cold water over one’s head could translate to money, but it did, to the tune of $220 million in the space of 8 weeks for ALS research. ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease is a debilitating fatal illness that leads the body to degenerate over a torturous period of time.

Two years later, after the sensation of the bucket challenge, University of Massachusetts Medical School researchers confirm that the money raised led to studies that have revealed a gene that is responsible for the disease. This breakthrough will lead to more research to help the methods used to treat and diagnose the disease.



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