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Ice Cube refutes Kanye West’s claim that he ‘influenced’ his antisemitic comments

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Ice Cube

Ice Cube has asked Kanye West to stop dragging his name into his antisemitism controversy.

The rapper’s Twitter and Instagram accounts were suspended or locked earlier this month after he posted antisemitic comments, and during an appearance on the Drink Champs show over the weekend, he claimed the former N.W.A. star “really influenced” him to “get on this antisemite vibe”.

The Boyz n the Hood actor distanced himself from West on Tuesday by insisting in a tweet that he had nothing to do with the Stronger hitmaker’s controversial comments.

“I hate that my name was dragged into this Drunk Champs (sic) bulls**t,” he wrote. “I don’t know what Ye meant by his statements, you’re gonna have to ask him. I didn’t put the batteries in his back. Please leave my name out of all the antisemitic talk. I’m not antisemitic and never have been.”

Ice Cube has faced allegations of antisemitism in the past. In June 2020, he posted a series of antisemitic images and conspiracy theories on Twitter.

When academic and TV personality Marc Lamont Hill called him out for his “textbook antisemitism”, Cube insisted, “What if I was just pro-Black? This is the truth brother. I didn’t lie on anyone. I didn’t say I was anti anybody. DONT BELIEVE THE HYPE. I’ve been telling my truth (sic).”

During the Drink Champs interview, West continued making antisemitic remarks and falsely claimed that police brutality victim George Floyd died from a fentanyl overdose. The episode has since been removed from YouTube and Revolt TV.

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