I’d rather watch ’50 Shades of Lego’
Bradley Traynor

I’d rather watch ’50 Shades of Lego’

In just about a week, the much-talked about, long-anticipated, an in my opinion completely over-hyped, likely to under-deliver “50 Shades of Grey” will finally debut in theaters.

While I’m assuming I’ll join the legions of  bondage-starved fans to see whether the movie wows or wah-wahs, I can honestly tell you I’d much rather go see “50 Shades of Lego.”

The spank-centric R-rated mommy porn wannabe got the Lego parody trailer treatment this week.

And, I’m telling you. After watching it, you’ll wish there was a full-length version.

Something tells me this parody won’t make it into the “Lego Movie” sequel.



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