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Idris Elba feared he was dying during Covid-19 battle

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Idris Elba

Idris Elba feared he was going to die when he was diagnosed with Covid-19 last year.

In an interview for the November 2021 issue of Esquire magazine, Idris didn’t discuss his symptoms, but did admit that he was highly anxious when he first discovered he had the virus.

“Having Covid at the time I got it, it was very, very early in its cycle,” he noted. “So, it was like, ‘Oh, s**t, I’m going to die.’ I could have easily been a statistic: went to a hospital and lungs failed and that’s the end of it. Very easily. I’ve had friends whose families have died.”

Idris went on to share that he went on a period of reflection after he had recovered from Covid-19, and he had some very low points while spending time at home during the coronavirus lockdowns.

“The last year for me was very, very difficult. wouldn’t put it down to a lack of work or anything like that. I’d put it down to a real mental strain that I couldn’t put my fin ger on, and where it came from. It manifests in waves of anger and, perhaps, depression,” the 49-year-old continued. “A little bit of a lack of, I wouldn’t say optimism, but just a lack of joy, sometimes. And I haven’t sat down and spoken to a therapist or anyone about it, but I suspect it’s very linked to that time period.”

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