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Idris Elba ‘nearly lost his life’ at gunpoint in the U.S.

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Idris Elba

Idris Elba was once threatened at gunpoint during an altercation in the U.S.

The Luther star, 50, recalled the moment while speaking with the Daily Mail on Tuesday.

“I nearly lost my f**king life, after attempting to stop a man threatening his girlfriend outside a club,” The Suicide Squad actor revealed.

“A guy (was) whaling on his missus, screaming in her face, ‘I’ll f**king kill you,’ and so on. I come round and I go: ‘Look how beautiful she is. Why would you talk to this beautiful princess like that?'”

Idris, who has been married to model Sabrina Dhowre since 2019, claimed the man then “pulled out a gun, stuck it right in my face, and goes, ‘You talking about my girl?'”

“He thought I was trying to hit on her,” The Wire actor recalled. “I remember thinking, ‘Don’t play negotiations like that’… Consequences, man.”

The Hackney-born actor is currently promoting his Apple TV+ thriller series Hijack, playing a character travelling on a flight from Dubai to London which turns into a hostage situation

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