I’m not ok with Bieber’s butt.
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I’m not ok with Bieber’s butt.

So Bieber just put his bare butt on Instagram, and I am NOT OK WITH IT!


A photo posted by Justin Bieber (@justinbieber) on

People like this I do not understand:

This is not ok. His butt looks TERRIBLE in this photo!

Bieber, what are you doing?

You, of all people, should know you have to vet this type of photo. That is not a good angle for you! You look short and untoned, which goes against your whole attempt to build a brand for yourself as a mature and attractive young man.

You think Calvin Klein is still going to want you to rep them with that flabby excuse for an a** hanging out all over Instagram???

I know you have a better butt than this. If you MUST put it on Instagram — and I don’t recommend it — at least put yourself, as you always should, in the best light! Literally and figuratively!

Meanwhile, I do appreciate these contributions to today’s internet fun:


Booty bigger than Kim’s #turnaroundjustin


A photo posted by #turnaroundjustin (@turnaroundjustin) on

IM ACTUALLY DEAD HAHAH #turnaroundjustin A photo posted by #turnaroundjustin (@turnaroundjustin) on

Love, an overprotective mom-ish belieber who just wants you to succeed so put some pants on or at least get someone (me) to control your Instagram,



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