Inside Mariah’s World
Marley McMillan

Inside Mariah’s World

Mariah Carey

There is so much to talk about when it comes to Mariah Carey’s new “docu-series” (reality show) “Mariah’s World,” which premiered on E! on Sunday night.

It’s one-sided. It’s not what you’d expect. It’s weird because she’s still with her now ex-fiance James Packer in the show. She is now dating a back-up dancer we meet on the show who apparently caused problems with Packer — the list goes on.

Is it entertaining? I thought so, and I’ll continue to watch. Donna thinks that’s taking one for the team, and that it’s a show you watch while throwing in a #loadofwhites.

But let’s unpack it a little more.

The show is basically an advertisement for Mariah Carey. She is the executive producer, and so the show paints her in a very positive light. People like this scare me, because it makes me think whatever they’re hiding must be so much worse than the rest of us who like to live out loud, warts and all.

I did, however, find the show to be more interesting than expected. I found it to be more like a behind the scenes concert documentary, like VH1’s Behind The Music, than a reality show.

The saga with her love life is bizarre, as it has been thoroughly documented in real time, and the show was shot awhile ago. We know Mariah is no longer with Packer, and we know she is now dating her back-up dancer Tanaka, who we meet on the show. It’s a strange intersection. At least the Kardashians save the drama for the show!

I’ll give Mariah time to master reality TV, though. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, Mariah Carey proved herself a long time ago. Here’s to hoping she can do it again.


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