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Ireland Baldwin reflects on struggle with anxiety during pregnancy

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Ireland Baldwin

Ireland Baldwin has opened up about her struggles with anxiety during her pregnancy.

On Monday, the model shared a photo on Instagram of her baby daughter Holland followed by a series of slides in which she opened up about the anxiety she experienced during pregnancy.

“I really struggled in my pregnancy as many of us do. Not just by puking everywhere,” the 27-year-old wrote. “As someone who suffers tremendously from health anxiety, pregnancy shifted everything into overdrive. Every thought in my head pertained to hurting the baby. Hurting myself.”

Ireland shared the many worries she experienced at the time, including whether she was having too much caffeine, why her feet were swollen, and whether she would “make a good mother”.

“I read countless pregnancy horror stories and watched negative birthing video after video until I’d go numb from it all,” she continued. “I worried I wouldn’t make it through my delivery or something terrible would happen.”

However, the Grudge Match star noted that everything changed once her daughter was born and all her worries “dissolved into nothingness”.

“My recovery has been smooth. I’m up and on my feet and enjoying my time with my family at home,” she told her followers. “My partner and I have taken this on together and we make an even better team than I imagined. I’ve never been more in love with him.”

Ireland, the daughter of Kim Basinger and Alec Baldwin, welcomed Holland with her partner RAC earlier this month.

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