Is the beard real or fake?
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Is the beard real or fake?

We had a discussion whether or not the new Walking Dead character had a real or fake beard.


April and Alexis found it to be very distracting. You can practically see the glue!

Jason didn’t even notice. He thought it was real. Maybe just dirty because it’s the apocalypse and all.

If you look at “Jesus'” Tom Payne’s instagram, you can see he is growing it out.

Thanks to @bollare and @baxterofca for my cute beard comb! It’s getting a lot of use 😂😂😂

A photo posted by Tom Payne (@thetpayne) on

April and Jason both LUV the show, so we had to get to the bottom of the #beardgate.

I tweeted to Tom Payne and here is what he revealed!


That settles that.


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