It was a rough weekend for the 1990s
Colleen Lindstrom

It was a rough weekend for the 1990s

A bunch of your favorite 90s sensations had a difficult weekend.

First of all, Lark Voorhies, aka Lisa Turtle from TV’s “Saved By The Bell,” who has allegedly fallen on some tough times in general, announced she got married in April. Hooray, right? Well, until you learn that the man she married is someone she hadn’t know very long, and oh, by the way, is wanted in Arizona for threatening the owner of a cell phone store a few years ago. Lark Voorhies “people” say they are “looking into” the allegations.

Then, on Friday night, Uncle Jesse aka John Stamos, who should be riding the high of the announcement of the reboot of “Fuller House,” was driving drunk. The celebrity was pulled over after reports of a drunk driver on the road and authorities were concerned enough that they brought Stamos to the hospital. Yikes. He was released and tweeted his thanks:

This happened just days after he had tweeted “A s*#t-ton of moderation is the key to life.” on June 8. Whoops.

We’ll end with a story of triumph, also on Friday night, Dave Grohl, lead singer of The Foo Fighters fell off the stage at a concert in Sweden and broke his leg during the second song of the set. That didn’t stop him, though. After briefly receiving medical attention off-stage, he continued the show while medics tended to him on stage. That is so rock.



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