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Jack White deletes Twitter account after Elon Musk invites Donald Trump back to platform

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Jack White

Jack White deleted his Twitter account after Elon Musk reinstated Donald Trump’s.

Twitter CEO Musk invited former US president Trump back to Twitter after a Saturday poll asking users to vote on whether the ban on Trump’s account should be lifted.

15 million accounts responded to the poll, which resulted in nearly 52% of respondents voting “Yes” to lifting the ban.

The former president was banned from using the platform in 2021 for incitement of violence following a riot in the US Capitol in Washington DC.

Though Trump’s account has now been reinstated, he has not yet tweeted from it. He previously launched his own social media platform, Truth Social.

In response to the Twitter account’s reinstatement, Another Way to Die singer Jack White deleted the account for his label Third Man Records. Billboard acquired the explanation he wrote before the account was deleted.

“So you gave Trump his Twitter platform back. Absolutely disgusting, Elon,” White wrote, addressing the CEO directly. “Trump was removed from Twitter because he incited violence multiple times, people died and were injured as a result of his lies and his ego, (let alone what his coup did to attempt to destroy democracy and our Capitol).”

The singer continued on Instagram, “We are not going to even tangentially support you or this platform that will help conspiracy spreading liars and out of touch narci-capitalists tear this country apart, all for Trump’s ego and your tax break agenda.”

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