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Jada Pinkett Smith insists her current relationship with Will Smith is ‘solid’

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Jada Pinkett Smith

Jada Pinkett Smith has insisted that her current relationship with Will Smith is “solid”.

During a new interview with Extra, the actress detailed the current state of her relationship with Will just days after announcing that they have been separated for seven years.

The Girls Trip star shared that she and Will have been “working hard together” and that he is no longer emotionally blind to her needs.

“That’s been the beautiful part of this second half of our journey, is that we’ve really done a lot of hard work together… now we started off codependent,” the 52-year-old said. “We had to find our independence in order to come back in an interdependent way… And being able to see one another’s point of view and really respect and love each other… it’s a journey, man.”

In her new book Worthy, Jada has opened up about many aspects of her life, including her secret separation from the Bad Boys star.

“The idea that we were separated for seven years and that we’re like still apart after the Oscars, we made our way back, you know, and I think that piece has been left out of the narrative,” she told the outlet, referring to the 2022 Oscars when Will slapped Chris Rock after he joked about her shaved head.

Despite the challenges in her marriage, Jada stated that she has no regrets in her life.

“I regret nothing… we think that when life gets tough or we have challenges that we’re not worthy or something’s wrong with us, as if we’re not supposed to be challenged in life,” she said. “But it’s the challenges where we find our greatest selves, and without them, we won’t.”

Explaining how she knew it was the right time to tell her story, Jada said, “I couldn’t tell my journey to self-worth without adding that part… I really needed to separate to find myself again… that was nobody’s fault. That’s on me.”

Jada added that she and Will “are talking about writing a book, together, called Don’t Try This at Home.”

The Hollywood duo married in 1997 and share two children, Jaden, 25, and Willow, 22.

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