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James Bond producer Barbara Broccoli admits she hasn’t started working on next instalment

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Barbara Broccoli

James Bond producer Barbara Broccoli has revealed she hasn’t yet started developing the next movie instalment.

The producer admitted in an interview with The Guardian that there is “a big road ahead” before the iconic British spy is “reinvented for the next chapter” following the end of Daniel Craig’s run in 2021’s No Time to Die.

Broccoli explained her team “haven’t even begun” the process of modernising the franchise, which they believe is necessary whenever a new actor takes over the role.

When Craig signed up for Bond with 2006’s Casino Royale, the producers “wanted to focus on what a 21st-century hero would look like” and they want the next version of 007 to reflect the world we live in now.

“Daniel gave us the ability to mine the emotional life of the character… and also the world was ready for it,” she stated. “I think these movies reflect the time they are in, and there’s a big, big road ahead reinventing it for the next chapter and we haven’t even begun with that.”

Broccoli gave the interview to promote the upcoming Bond-themed series, 007: Road to a Million, which will be released on Prime Video on 10 November. The reality show features contestants enduring challenges in Bond-related locations to win a cash prize.

When asked if there were more Bond TV shows on the horizon, Broccoli replied, “Our focus is making the feature films. When we get going on a Bond movie it takes our full attention for three or four years so that’s our focus.

“We make the Bond movies for the big theatrical screen and everything about the Bond movies is for audiences to see around the world on that format, so we’ve not wanted to do television.”

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