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James Marsden jokes about plans to launch terrible tequila brand

29th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards
James Marsden

James Marsden likes the idea of starting a company that sells cheap tequila.

During an interview for W Magazine to promote his new satirical mockumentary Jury Duty, the actor insisted he’s not about to follow in the footsteps of celebrities like Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart, Nick Jonas, and Kendall Jenner and launch his own luxury alcohol brand.

In fact, James would be tempted to offer up an amusing alternative concept instead.

“I want it to be the s**ttiest tequila I can find,” he joked. “Plastic bottle with a piece of masking tape on it that says ‘Tequila’ and it’s $6 a litre. ‘This tastes like s**t. Marsden’s Tequila. But it’ll get you f**ked up.'”

As for The Notebook actor’s other potential projects, he also mentioned an idea for a new TV show.

“I want to do, like, a really pretentious Stanley Tucci show where I travel the world doing really charitable, benevolent things, but you only see me being terrible when the cameras ‘aren’t rolling,'” the 49-year-old smiled. “I imagine it’s the same satisfaction Larry David gets from Curb Your Enthusiasm. It sure is fun to make fun of that guy.”

Jury Duty, an eight-episode series, premiered in April.

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