Jamie Denbo: Twitter rant not about Jason Alexander
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Jamie Denbo: Twitter rant not about Jason Alexander

Orange Is The New Black actress Jamie Denbo just went on an epic Twitter rant about a 57-year-old actor who will not play opposite an on-screen love interest over 38 years old.

Gross. So, who’s the actor?

The criteria is as follows:

  • 57-year-old male
  • Has a wife who’s at least 50
  • The actor has never been divorced, only married once to the current wife.
  • Could be considered an “American Treasure”
  • Has a TV show coming out

Who fits the bill? The only one we could find was Jason Alexander.

He is 57, he has a show coming out (Hit And Run), and his wife, whom he married in 1992, is 60 years old. He could be considered an American Treasure as a result of his role as George Constanza on Seinfeld.

I tweeted Denbo and received the following response:

So Denbo says it’s not Jason Alexander. The thing is, I don’t know if I believe her. I think she’s trying not to throw someone under the bus, or sabotage anyone else’s career, which is admirable.

And indeed, the conversation about ageism in Hollywood is bigger than one person.

My question is: would the impact on the conversation be greater if the people perpetuating ageism and sexism in Hollywood faced some consequences? I tend to think so.


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